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My apartment. So very me.

It is not perfect or anything but my apartment since coming home has felt very much like a home. I spent a good part of my frist week back cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, putting away mess and unpacking boxes. There was so much chaos in the last few weeks before leaving in January and that mess was all waiting for me when I got home. But now it is mostly livable and what is on display is my stuff. The things I love to see, that mean something to me, that make me happy. And in the context of traveling for the last three month my apartment seems so luxurious, beautiful, comfortable, and personal. I mean, I loved it before I left but it feels so natural now. Yay for the first home I have ever had on my own, the first home I have ever gotten to decorate, for having all my tressures in one place and unpacked so I can enjoy them. Also, I'm grautful to have so much of nana's furniture, the stove and other objects making me feel connected to our past. It doesnt feel like my apartment was furnished in her stuff, but that her stuff is part of mine now. Any way, very cool adult feelings. I leave again soon to travel, taking only a back pack, but it will be nice knowing this is waiting for me here.

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