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Life doesnt move when you arent looking

Apartment was just how I left it. All the messes and trash was on the floor from the packing caos. Fire places still full of ashes from the winter, clothes left in the dryer, clean dishes waiting on the counter, boxes everywhere. Studio boxes, nana boxes, christmas boxes. Hardly any room to walk. In the first 3 days I have done some cleaning. I de-christophered. Through out his tooth brush and tooth paste, some of his work clothes that were left, anything that said UPS on it, cleaned out his night stand. I got the internet hooked up anf office compter back up stairs, found mostly of the floor in the studio, did 3 loads of laundry and put up so many clothes, made two good will boxes of clothes and one of electronics. There is still more to get ride off. Found the kitchen counters again. Pluged in the fridge, need to get some food now. Got the car to start after having been sitting for so long. Have unpacked from my trip thoigh I'm a little unsure where to put things. The bags needs some serious washing. Have clean sheets on my bed. The apartment is almost liveable but there is still a long way to go.

I suck at being alone and I dont like it.

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